Saturday, October 25, 2014

7 Health Reasons to get Pedicures

Just in case you need a good argument prepared for your husband here are some health reasons that you should get a pedicure!

1) It relieves stress. Nothing like a nice hot foot soak and foot massage to take away the stress. You will get a nice hour to yourself or with a friend to do nothing but just relax. You know what they say "happy wife, happy life" right?

2) It improves the health of your skin. We frequently don't spend as long caring for our foot skin as we do for our face or hands. We abuse our feet and then aside from putting on a little lotion before bed or making use of a pumice stone once in a while we do little to keep our skin healthy.

3) It helps prevent corns and callouses. It's not fun to think about but corns and callouses are very common and are not fun as all. They are collections of hardened dead skin and can quickly become painful. A pedicure will soak and thoroughly scrub away the dead skin, preventing the buildup.

4) It improves circulation. The warm foot soak is a good way to start getting the blood flowing in your feet, but the massage will really improve the circulation. Sometimes our hearts have a heard time pumping blood to and from our feet and as a result circulation tends to be poor. If you suffer from a medical condition that exacerbates this situation then you could especially benefit from this experience.

5) It relieves pain. Between the massage, the removed corns and callouses, and the increased blood flow you should also get pain relieve. Women particularly suffer frequently from foot pain because of poorly fitting shoes. A pedicure can easily improve the happiness of your feet.

6) It prevents infection. It's gnarly, but there is bacteria everywhere on your foot. It especially loves to get under your toenails or into the rough dead skin. Bacteria around the nail can cause ugly nail infections or can get into the skin of ingrown toenails and cause infection there. Pedicures are a good way to reset your bacteria levels. Your toenails will be thoroughly cleansed all around and your dead skin will be completely removed. It's good to start from square one with bacteria as often as you can to keep it in check. Less foot bacteria can also cause less foot stank as well, which is always a plus!

7) It boosts confidence. Hey, confidence is super healthy. A lot of women avoid wearing shoes that they think are cute because they fear their feet are cracked, scaly, or "ugly". Don't let that stop you from getting shoes that will make you feel fabulous! A pedicure will brighten your feet right up and you can rock those shoes that day.

I keep trying to get my husband to get a pedicure to help him with his starting-to-be-ingrown toenails, but he won't do it! To my men friends out there: it's fine for men to enjoy the benefits as well, go with your lady friend next time, you won't regret it.

Even horses enjoy the benefits! I told Buddy he'd be the envy of all the girls with his fresh pedicure and new shoes!

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