Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weight Loss and Limiting Medical Conditions

Ask anyone how to lose weight and they will tell you "diet and exercise!" and I fully believe that to be the truth. But what if you can't exercise normally?

I frequently admire the thin and toned bodies of joggers or gym goers. I often fantasize that some day I can look like that too. Is it possible? Is it possible to have such a perfect toned body without traditional exercise?

So many people out there suffer from various conditions that are limiting to exercise. I have a friend who had major spine surgery and has a titanium neck, she has to be very careful of back or neck injury. I have a friend with very severe arthritis in her back and deformed bones, life is often painful for her to just sit. These women also want trim, fit bodies.

I get angry at perfectly healthy people who blatantly describe these women as "lazy", having no knowledge of their struggles. I always say that "you never know", so be careful before judging.

I am frequently inspired by the recoveries of people with severe injuries. I often think about Morris Goodman, the "miracle man" who crashed his plane and had injuries that were so severe they thought he would be fully paralyzed and stuck to an iron lung for the rest of his life. He walked out of the hospital a few months later, able to breathe on his own. It's truly remarkable!

I am less heroic than Morris Goodman, I think, but still interested in a healthy and thin life. Most of my "diet and exercise" leans more toward the "diet" end (*sigh* I really love food....and that's the problem here). I have been having some pretty good success, it's been slow, but steady.

I do want to be healthier and less flabby though, so I'm trying to work in extra movement during my week to help. I can walk for a pretty good distance without paying for it too badly the next day, so here are some ways I've been working in some extra walking and low impact exercise:

1) I've been trying to visit parks, arboretums, and nature trails, so I can enjoy nature and get in an extra mile or so!

Husband likes nature trails too.

2) I've been parking further away from the store entrances. I'm hoping over the week that'll add in an extra mile.

3) I've been trying to do squats and calf raisers while brushing my teeth. You can't overdo it in that limited time.

4) I've been trying to attend parties and events. If something exciting is going on I walk more before I realize it.

5) We've been trying to get over to the beach more. Wading and swimming against gentle waves is great exercise. It'll wear you out, phew.

6) I ride horses. It's low impact, full body work (if you do it right), and lots of fun!

Every little bit counts, so don't feel bad if you can only get in an extra 10 minutes a day. 10 extra minutes a day will add up to 3,650 minutes by the end of the year. That's over 60 hours! What will 60 hours of walking do for you? Get up and try to get moving as well as you can. Do you have a condition that makes you opt out of jogging and stair machines? How do you get in your low-impact and limited workout? How do you stay motivated to keep trying?

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