Monday, October 13, 2014

Nephew Caught a Spanx

I haven't done much with this blog yet, I need to make it pretty and add some pictures!

Had a great weekend! My sister came down with her hubby and little one. I was excited to take my nephew to the renaissance fair. I have to admit, I ate TONS of calories at the fair (my day ended up being over 3,100 calories, YIKES). But after counting in all the calories burned walking I was only (cough) a thousand over my daily limit, which I guess means I'll lose 2/3lb instead of a whole pound this week, but it was worth it for a turkey leg and lots of mead.

Speaking of mead, husband and I are brewing our own for the first time. I don't know anything about it except that it's bubbling away merrily. I have high hopes, I hope it turns out good.

At one point this weekend my nephew was playing a video game in which you roll things up on a ball and he happened to roll up a flying Sphinx. He proudly announced "I rolled up a Spanx!" "A Spanx?" I asked. "Yep," he said "a flying Spanx". Hahahaha. I told my sister that I need to get one of those! Kids say the funniest things...what do your kids say that's funny?

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