Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh Sickness!

Hey! Sorry it's been a while (two weeks *cough*) since I posted. I got so sick! I was sick for an entire week, Saturday to Saturday. Bleh!

It wasn't the flu though, thank goodness, just some kind of upper respiratory junk.

Here's a quick sketch I drew that illustrates pretty much the entire week:

My husband got sick too, but his only lasted two days. Have you ever heard that saying about "the fool never catches a cold"? As in, he's sick but won't admit it because he's convinced he's not? Yeah, my husband is one of those. So even though he said it only lasted two days I have my doubts...

While I was busy sitting around doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself I ended up watching a lot of travel channel. I love travel channel! I like the food shows especially. Well, husband and I sat around an entire day watching nothing but travel channel food shows. When it came time to eat neither of us wanted to cook (both being sick) and he said that after watching all those delicious food shows he couldn't bear to order pizza.

So we hauled our sick butts out of the house (much to the dismay of germiphobes) and ambled over to china town for some more authentic food.

We decided to try this new restaurant that had just opened and so we limped on in. The place was more authentic than many and the servers struggled with their English. I had interest in a bean curd dish because I love tofu, but between the waitress' struggled English, my 100% lack of Chinese, and a menu that was half in Chinese, this is what came out:

Some kind of garlicky greens dish, hahaha. My husband's order was correct luckily, so between his stew and my garlicky veggies we had a fairly healthy and lowish calorie meal. It was a pretty successful adventure.

I have to admit that also part of my absence has been because of having to catch up on other stuff after being sick.

What do you do when you're sick to feel better?

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