Thursday, December 4, 2014

So Many Things to Do!

Oh man, I think I've allowed my mouth to overload my back.

I have committed to so many things! This week I have two orchestra rehearsals (which take almost 4 hours each if you include the drive time), I'm in two concerts on Sunday between which there is a party and I need to make a food to take. I'm helping the engineers make African decorations for an event at their office, I need to make several dog sweaters for a fund raiser auction on Sunday, tonight is Home Brew Club, and I'm entered in a baking contest on Tuesday.

Whew! Want to come over and help?

My husband is an engineer. I call him and his coworkers, who are my friends, "the engineers" because I'm a creative namer like that. I like crafting with the engineers. It's really fun showing them different techniques. Some of them have some pretty nice art skills hidden under all that analytical thinking!

It somehow came about that they are in charge of decorating for an African themed party at their office and I have been recruited for my technical skills. We're trying to make African masks for the event. It's been a struggle creatively because of an extremely tight budget, but I'm pretty proud of what we've come up with. I really hope this isn't a mockery of someone's culture! They have such vibrant symbolism and structure to their art, I hope we can portray some of that culture in our low budget, Hobby Lobby crafting. Here's an in progress picture of one of the African masks we sculpted out of clay:

On Saturday some of the ladies from my string ensemble might be coming over to work on our crafts for the auction. The Christmas auction is a great fundraiser and it's mostly home made crafts. Last year I donated horse lessons. They sold, but no one ever called me? Strange. Who would spend lots of money on horse lessons and then never claim them? This year I'm going to make some fleece dog sweaters. I made one for my big girl, Sato, last year and she loves it! She gets chilly in the cold because of her thyroid problem, but most stores don't stock sweaters big enough for her (and if they do they are very expensive). Here's a picture of Sato wearing her sweater:

I got really lucky, the fleece at the fabric store was 50% off when I went. I bought a few different patterns:

I am ready to have all these projects out of the way! The Thanksgiving break was nice, but I didn't accomplish very much while I was out of town.

Have you ever over committed yourself? What sorts of things did you have to do?

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